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The Castle of THOMAS II

Thomas II

The castle, built since 1248 per Thomas II, was during two centuries the main home of the court, then a relay of hunting. It is the subject currently of a program of excavations and important work of restoration.

The Renovated south-eastern Tower

The result of last work completed

The Priory

Constituted of a church, conventual buildings and of a garden, this unit contains astonishing testimonys of medieval art. Within this exceptional framework, are organized, of the exposures of painting, sculpture, tapestry,  craft industry, concerts and of the guided tours.

The Church

You will discover external and interior sights with splendid stained glasses, a crypt, the tombstone of Oddon, a stoup etc...

The Priory

According to the legend or the tradition, it is into 1030 that Saint-Odilon, come from the Abbey of Cluny to Burgundy, based a priory on grounds yielded by the founder of the House of Savoy. The church of the priory contains Roman vestiges and has an admirable whole of twelve polychrome sculptures in high relief (XIII2nd century) representing scenes of the life of Christ. The conventual buildings accommodate today exposures, concerts and guided tours.

The Garden with the Frenchwoman

Magnificently worked by the gardeners of the commune

The Lamartine's Cave

Natural space very wild, still called "Raphaël's Cave", expensive in the heart of the poet Alphonse de Lamartine

The Last Inhabitant

The swan, host of these places...

The Star

The dragonfly, savage guardian of this enclave

The Poem

The famous poem of Alphonse de Lamartine

Hautecombe Abbey

The Abbey

Isolated on western from the lake, precipice and not very accessible bank, the place was favorable with the meditation. In the neighborhoods of 1140, the monks Cistercians are installed on western bank of the lake to the place says "Charia", where already a church was. Since 1184, the Count Humbert III of Savoy is buried there, beginning of a long continuation since 43 characters related to the house of Savoy rest in this place. In XIII century, the Abbey thrives at the point to install several missions in the East. In XV century, a long intellectual deterioration starts if it is not moral. In 1792, revolutionary France confiscates, plunders and leaves with the abandonment the buildings. In 1824, the king of Sardinia, Charles-Felix, restores the abbey and reinstalls of Cistercians until 1922.
Today, the heirs to Savoy gave up their patronage and the monastery is placed under the supervision of the Archbishop of Chambéry. Religious events opened with all are regularly organized there.


Always built in dominant position, they profit from a amazing view

Being private properties, these castles cannot be visited. It any more but does not remain you to admire them and imagine...

The Castle of Bourdeau

The Castle of La Serraz

The Chapel of the Cat Mount...

The Chapel

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