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Passions are worth only if they are lived...

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I make a point of thanking the people having advised me and encouraged throughout this project.

Thanks very particular to Kronale, thank you for your contribution, your assistance and your ideas... knows that without you this site would not be what it is; thank you John for your material and your availability; thank you La Puce for your female inspiration, knows that in the medium of these pages HTML, there is a little you; thank you JP&A for your remarks, those

were very invaluable to me and your remarks as many encouragements; thank you Elinia for your so rare but sincere e-mail; thank you Pascal for your recommendations, they were very useful to me and thank you with those which, with the turning of a conversation or an interview inspired to me, you will recognize themselves... 


PS: Impassioned by my commune and with an aim of making share this passion, I am in the search of stereotypes or postcards allowing to discover the life of formerly on banks of Le Bourget and more particularly those showing the village than was Le Bourget-du-Lac.


 Thanks to Thomas Brattli and site for the script of menu (see copyright page).
© Christophe Gothiť

© Christophe Gothiť

© Christophe Gothiť

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