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In a bosky bower, a blue extent...


Le Bourget-du-Lac

 you will be under the charm

Long time ago...

The Legend

 Once upon the time

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Let you allure by the charm of the shores of the lake of Bourget, curl up to the hollow of the Savoyard mountains. Choose dynamic holidays and you

will be able to initiate yourselves with the canoe-kayak in all its forms or to leave in excursion at the top of La Dent du Chat (The Tooth the Cat). In the south of the lake, a wind of west which one names "La Traverse" will make the happiness of the windsurfers. Or prefer romantic holidays at the edge of the lake of Bourget, expensive in the heart of Alphonse de Lamartine poet ; the in love ones with the idlenesses installed on a beach of fine sand or at the end of a pontoon will benefit from the lapping of the lake.  The spirit of the poet Alphonse de Lamartine planes on banks, its heart omnipresent you bewith already...

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Three angels assigned to the guard of the marvellous garden of the Alps of North poured many tears when Good God decided to move them with the guard of

mountains lately created. If sad with the idea to leave this mountain Eden, they poured abundant tears.
Good God sensitive to this attachment preserved these tears like pearls in
a jewel-case of mountains.

Thus the lake of Le Bourget was created..



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