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Welcome to Savoy and to the Bourget lakeside !

Dear friends,

Our region, neighbouring the ski resorts, also has multiple summer activities that will certainly enchant you.

The largest natural lake in France offers all nautical and water entertainment.

Le Bourget-du-Lac hosts a yachting club, a rowing club, and also a scuba diving club.

On the beach, located on the Southside of the lake, come and enjoy the sun and the warm water, which temperature can reach up to 26°c.

Fishermen will also appreciate the beautiful and quiet environment of this long (18 km) and deep(3.600.000.000 cube meters water) mountain lake.

France's reputation for gastronomy and cuisine can also be found in our region, that hosts internationally reknown restaurants.

Le Bourget-du-Lac and Bourdeau are nearest at the "chat" mountain's feet (1.500 meters high) and are two ideal starts for hiking: 25 km of marked footpaths will guide you through the discovery of the local flora, up the beautiful panoramas overlooking the lake and the environing mountain ranges.

Finally, to spend more time in the Le Bourget-du-Lac and Bourdeau hotels, B&B, furnished apartments and the camping with its private beach and harbor will welcome you.

In Savoy, it also happens in summer !

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